Jock River race

Race day is almost upon us.The Jock River route

I’ve never been in it before, and certainly don’t intend to race. But it’s such a village event, and when I was on the Jock route a few years ago, it was so handy having the markers that race organizers attached to logs and things in the Richmond Fen, which can be a maze of trees and water trails.

Apparently the whole event was the brainchild of a Richmond man who is now in his 80s. I’m looking forward to meeting him.

Majickcanoe has great write-up of the Jock, and the critters that call it home.


This could be you

Paradise near nation\'s capitalAuction last night to raise money for Therapeutic Riding in Lanark County. Up for bidding was one kayak outing for 2 people, with kayak, paddles and safety gear supplied. Bid came in at $100 for one person. Match the bid, and you too can be in this picture…

Or in this video…

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Constance Creek – paddling thru the forest

At the put-inCan anything signal spring as acutely as a paddle on flooded waters?

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In summer you cannot even navigate Constance Creek, I’m told. For one idyllic season, Canadian spring, you can paddle over fields, and under arching branches, and glide past wildlife close up.

We came withing 3 feet of a baby beaver, so sleepy it didn’t even mind us taking a picture. There were osprey, geese, ducks and frogs doing their thing.

The sounds of springtime:

For a report of an epic journey down this creek, check out “The Odyssey”.

Keenan and Julie’s bushwaterwacking.

First signs of spring?

Spring? at Cressy CottageSpring(?) at the cottage

Signs of spring everywhere, despite SO much accumulated snow everywhere. This is what it looked like yesterday (Apr. 7) at the cottage.The roof didn’t cave in on good ole Cressy Cottage!

Next door, the door and windows are still buried.Still buried after all these months

The earliest we ever swam at the lake was Sunday, April 18, 1987. Janette Cressy went in for sure — age 65.

April 1987 from the photo album

Now it’s April 20, and look what’s happened – the temp is in the 70s, we’re wearing shorts, and raking the snow!