About UrbanKayak

Urbankayaker lives in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, close to the Ottawa River, and near enough to the Rideau, Gatineau and St. Lawrence rivers.

Urbankayak is dedicated to making paddling accessible, especially in cities.

Canoed since the 1960s in Northwest Territories, Quebec and Ontario. But when Isabele from Bushtukah came to my place, she paid her last rent with part of a kayak, and I was hooked.

In 2001, almost nobody was on the Ottawa River in Ottawa/Gatineau – the log booms had been pulled from the river only a few years before, after more than a century.  Now the paddling community  is exploring the Gatineau, the Lievre and the magnificent Ottawa River, unimpeded by wayward logs (except for the odd deadhead).

Now 61, I sometimes “ache in the places where I used to play” but aim to keep on paddling wherever, whenever.